Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Tony, The Mechanic

I'm so glad I made it to post here again. Let me keep it short since I got lots of work to do. I watched a movie I've been waiting for so long yesterday, Iron Man 3. I bought the ticket 5 minutes before the show and   thank God I made it to watch from the beginning. So, what I love the most from this sequel is how Tony Stark looks very different from the previous movies. He's caring and lovely. And I love how Pepper was involved a lot and showed us that she's not a weak whiny superhero's girlfriend and they protect each other.
This would be my favorite dialog in the movie.
Pepper : "I got you."
Tony : "I got you first."

Lots of twists. Lots of hi-tech-thing-i-don't-know-what-it's-called. The house party protocol and the clean slate protocol were AWESOME. The barrel of monkey were funny and awesome and surprising at the same time. There's so much I love from this movie though the villain thing was quite predictable and I think it's weird that Air Force One's window glass is not bulletproof. But hell yeah everybody loves superhero!

P.S I waited 10 minutes for the post credits scene insisting my friend that I would watch to the very end and almost 20 minutes late for my next class. But yeah marvel's post credit scenes are worth waiting, right?