Thursday, June 19, 2008

my cat is back!

huaa.. i was so sad yesterday, my cat was gone, i'd been looking for him for along day, and i still couldn't find him..

but, i found him today!! he stayed at my neigbour's home.. i'm so happy.. though he looked so tired and stifled..
he ate and drank a lot when he came back..

overall, i'm happy!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Xc's farewell party

messy, but fun..
we had to go to school at the morning, then we waited for a long time in front of school, then suddenly we changed the direction from planet steak to bentuman, had a little problem with the cashier there, after it finished, we got another problem (gosh!), we had a little time to go to citra 21 (actually, the day before, we decided to go to E Plaza, it was changed, again!), fortunately, we got the tickets, and we watched lost in love (haha.. it was very funny!), after that, we went to g-fan (Claudia and I played nothing, we just walked around.. T.T dunno why, but i didn't want to play anything)
I was so bored, then I decided to go home, I thought it was better than just looking around, walking up and down the mall, and I looked just like a 'lost' girl..
the saddest thing was our teacher couldn't go with us, she had to do something.. huks.. huks..
but, overall, it's fun being together with my class..

Thursday, June 05, 2008

i'm.......... HAPPY!

it's feels so fun when I finished my economic test, coz that meant the whole tests was over! and I'm free!! hahahahahahaha..