Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Resolutions

Hola 2011!
I've planned to make a blog post at the beginning of this new year, but due to my habit *always delaying* hehe so yeah after 12 days here I sit and plan *yeah another plan* to finish this post ASAP.
I got some brand new ideas lately, but I don't know how to start write them all, so I'm gonna start by explaining my resolution for this year *which I just thought about a moment ago haha*

1. Be Closer to God.
*yak. mesti tambah rajin ke gereja. baca renungan harian (udah follow blog renungan harian tapi ga pernah baca :s)
2. No more wasting time.
*gee it's so difficult. Can I just enjoy the "dolce far niente"? haha
3. Learn English & Chinese Language!
*ya ya ya it's a must! I'm thinking of taking Mandarin Course at University just to remind me of everything that I've learned at High School. And I should visit more often. Well yeah I still download their podcast but I rarely listen to them :p
4. Makan sehat, teratur, dan tepat waktu!
*sounds simple but I just can't help myself to have some snacks XP
5. Do sports everyday.
*even just a simple sit up-back up
6. Read more books, blogs, news, anything!
*I found out that it helps a lot even just in a small daily conversation
7. Move on :)

Hmm what else? No more ideas @@
Well, those 7 points seems simple and easy, yet can I do them all? Yeah I'll try hard! We'll see what I'll achieve at the end of this year.

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